1. 1) why is breasts asterisked?
    2) i like girls. girls are nice. shaddup.
  2. Neat, um, list. Mostly true.
  3. your basic premise is flawed. its not a waste of time, because they are consuming products and thus spurring the development of the economy. if all these pple were conscripted, the defence budget would increase, with no significant effect on other countries because they are girls.
  4. the day u make love to a woman with hairy legs is the day u wish u never made that list.
  5. i think girls are adorable.
  6. Good grief. I hope you aren't talking about all girls, as I wear: a) whatever I find on my floor in the morning, b) some long shirt that I've had for five + years, and the same pair of jeans. (Which I -do- wash, so ha..) I hate any paper that isn't normal smelling, and sparkly pens give me a headache to read them. Don't have a boyfriend, don't want one, spend
    my time running and/or playing videogames. Otherwise sadly, you've got it right. >.<
  7. In my experience, girls are very much like boys until the age of about 11 or 12, when they develop the symptoms as described on your webpage ;)
  8. what's wrong! it's fun okay. well. *most* of it. and it's better than being a smelly boy what~ :P
  9. (On comparing br****s) never thought they do that... funky
  10. i read that today......but just a glimpse.....now that i look through slowly it's really quite funny.
  11. how can u say that abt girls! dun pretend u dun like girls ok!!!!!
  12. oh please..get a life..if you are trying to be sexist around here....please noe dat it is so totally spastic...why dun you spend more time finding better things to do with den critisizing gerZ....dUh...
  13. they treat their friends so important and overrate their girlfriends... and they think that if anything happened to them, their girlfriends wld be the 1st to their rescue and they pay too much goddamn attention to their shitty little "friendship matters" on the other hand those who pay attention to guys are generally sluts and deserve a good sodomizing.....; either way, they are damn screwed up
  14. it's stupid to obsess abt what we do also lah! cos you won't understand us, we won't understand you. men are from mars, women are from venus and all tt crap - capiche?
  15. Interesting. So you didn't waste time doing this did you.
  16. SO TROOO!!! =)
  17. *giggle* *giggle*
  18. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ALL THE SISSY GIRLS OUT THERE LOOK STUPID AND ALL YOU CHICKS WHO CAN'T DEAL WITH IT TO BAD IT'S NOT THEIR FAULTS YOU ARE ALL STUPID (the only bad part is I somehow got stuck being a stupid stereotyped phemonine girl)... Yeah, you'd complain to if you got a period once month for a whole week and had to wear evil torture devices for it!!!!
  19. "The Stupid Things Girls Do?" What the hell? I'm sorry that everything people find amusing is "stupid" by your book but we've got to find some way to spend our lives, huh? And if girls didn't blow-dry their hair (which would probably result in a lot of colds in the winter) and didn't work out, you'd probably be equally appalled so I guess there's just no pleasing you. And what's "stupid" about making gifts for friends or writing in sparkly pens? Is that as "stupid" as guys playing soccer or drinking beer or some other stereotypical masculine activity? What is truly "stupid" is that this list was ever created. (And this is coming from a stereotypical tomboy, before you say anything.)
  20. boys waste time?
    yea they wasting time by dating girls
  21. girls use all thos crappy pens - the sparkly ones that are often fluro green
    the one that is REALLY stupid is using circles and love hearts for dotting i's and j's
    this thing is soooo right, and most girls do have shit for brains
  22. [On comlaining about periods] Yes, but only like "why must it be during Lit?"
    33. raise the hem of my skirt? i've been trying to LOWER mine.
  23. [Scribbled on the printout of this list on TS20, RJC]
    ? -> !! (between #4 & 5)
    males. males ARE nothing (below 17)
    see #13 (beside 23)
    if we didn't, you'd starve (beside 26)
    RAISE? i'M TRYING TO LOWER IT!! (below 33)
    NO BADGE (below 47)
    various 'i's dotted with hearts (54 to 55)
  24. what a f**king stupid site
    so bloody chauvanistic
    i could spend 10mins coming up with a list of 1000 stupid things guys do...
    face it, guys and girls are equal..for the guyz who came up with dis site, u can spend the rest of ur bo liao lives alone, for the butch of comment 18, u can go for a sex change and go to hell.(u oso hav CB wat, dun nehow cum and sae us gers)
  25. i love girls! im in 7th grade and have 5 girlfriends. it all atters on if their hot or not. also popularity.
    I also like french kissin'.
  26. Girls and guys both do stupid things, but a girl's the other half of a guy, and vicey versey. As a guy, I'm pretty damn pissed off at you trashing girlyness. Chantilly lace, and a pretty face, and a pony tail, all hangin down, and a wiggle when you walk, and a giggle when you walk; Aww baby that's a what I LIKE!
  27. we so do not watch sunrises from 0ur window!
  28. ur 'stupid things tt girls do' list is v amusing. some of it is true tho:p
  29. broad based survey my ass! it seems that you've confined the study to a typical Singaporean Ah Lian ... with only about 3 or 4 applying to ALL women.. :P
  30. *thanks God she doesn't fit onto 3/4 of the list*
    i agree with you like every single bit about this list cos girls are guilty about it. -smirks- not that i am trashing my own gender, but its true that females, not all, but a good part of them, are guilty of such.

    of course guys have their own habits and stuff but honestly i don't care cos half the time i'm being too much like a guy to worry about what im doing and if its a typical "male trait" which girls don't understand.
    i suppose it varies for diff people.

    and you forgot constant whining

  31. gee, she must lead a boring life. and she hates her own gender
    "little traitor"
    one thing: i don't talk on the phone so much. as for the compulsive e-mail forwarding syndrome, i do NOT do that
    i even blocked my friends once. it got way annoying
    they either promise good luck, or bad luck, or both, or they make up little rewards (send this to dunno how many people and something cute will pop up on your screen) or they accuse them of something if theey don't forward it
    (eg. something touching story about Jesus, you don't forward it, you're a horrible christian. of course not in those words, but you get the gist)
    and, i don't like hello kitty. and i thought powerpuff girls was for kindergarteners
    i only tried qoo once. ppg is so... dumb. little 5 year old girls save the world from monsters
    with names like blossom, buttercup and something, forgot. honestly
    my handwriting is MESSY
    i can't cook ANYTHING, i'm scared of fire
    i don't listen to jap songs coz i don't understand it
    "In RGS, the girls watch sunrises through school windows" EXCUSE ME??? which totally bored girl goes to school that early? well i sure don't. i don't even have the patience to wait for sunset
    "Having a compulsive, morbid fascination with the colour Pink" right...
    these comments are mostly dumb
    is melvin tay someone you know? ohmigod
    some girls who are..dunno how to describe would read that list coz their bored
    others would read so that can make disparaging comments about it
    tell me a boy your age who watches powerpuff girls?
    don't think its about their [girls'] existence. it attacks them directly
  32. Your analysis is spot on. And I say this as a member of the female persuasion. Where would the fluorescent pen industry be without girls?

    I must say some of the "responses" you got (assuming they were not made up) were exceedingly hilarious.

  33. Hello, i liked your list. im a girl. and i agree. all we do is waste time. we worry to much about dumb ass things. like "do you think shes mad at me?" and all she did was not notice you in the hall way. WHen guys are much more laid back.. well in most cases anyway. Im sorry to say. I dont like girls. and i feel bad for the guys who put up with girls. if i was a guy...i would most likely be gay just so i would not have to spend my life with a women. Sure its nice that men and woman have equal rights and such.. but that doesnt mean i have to like being around girls... does it? (besides my self.. i can stand my self... you get the point i hope) all in all nice list. it was a good way for me to spend my time...
    U are talking about girls
    U idiot, look at your whole website its a complete waste of time
    damn...whos stupid now


  35. Do you know how sad you alllllllllllllll are...
    You do really to go outside instead of writing crap like this. Why in the name of hell do people care what girls do in there spare time, it just amazes me how you can actually consider even writing this let alone actually doing it. I tilt my head back and LOL hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  36. sure guys see that about girls. But if a girl made a list about guys they would say its not true. We all see different things and if thats the kind of girls your dating I'm sorry. You probably wouldn't have gotten yelled at by most of us girls if you put some pluses in there as well. We try are best to look good for you if it takes too long then dont wait leave. next time your girl will wear a sweatshirt and have messy hair. It's all good though. I look it as a funny joke, cus if you were seriously complaining about us 24/7 then you would be gay. C'mon girls don't get mad y'know you talk ill about guys too.

    Ya my friend manuel sent this to me because he says it is exactly what girls are like. I think its funny how many girls dissed you honestly cus it really is just words. People call me a blonde like its a bad thing :) People need to not take things so seriously i actually gave manuel a thumbs up for showing me this site cus lots was true. Ya i bet the girls list about complaining about you guys would be much longer no kidding we complain alot. But if you dont like the whole feminist thing then maybe you might think about adding another part to your site where you say the good things about girls, I bet you will get alot of compliments and maybe a girl will think your hot stuff :)
  37. i agree with your shit. girls only know how to wast time and fuck with peoples smotions and do so much stupid shit, it aint funny. if they want to do somthing useful, tell them how do do somthing useful, like use a gun, build a bomb, fix a toilet, or somthing to help out guys for once since we are always helping them.
  38. Yes, some of this stuff is stupid. But it wouldn't be done if it weren't to attract the even stupider sex - the male one.

    Give me a man that will accept my hairy legs, and I'll consider your list worth something.

  39. minus the fact that i have the body parts to be a girl that was great. girls are annoying and petty and you deserve a cookie :)
  40. YOUR GAY MAN!!!! the way you speak it as if you dont like girls! Your gay!!!
  41. i think that your site is a little bit of an insult to us girls i mean i pretty sure that if you had a gurl u wouldnt want ha to be dirty n stuff jus cuz were dum clean dont mean nothing i mean you have your opinoin bout girls and i totally respect that but serously thats us u kno n no one can change the fact that we love to coordinate our clothes and match or look cute wen we meet a guy,or shop till we die or get our nails done. but thats your opoinoin bout girls
  42. Thank you for providing the seemingly insipid entertainment I was looking for. You should add preoccupation with marriage/fantasising about marriage/ adopting the last name of each new boyfriend that comes along and writing it all over notebooks and folders in nothing other than sparkle pens and girly fonts etc...
  43. your list about girls made me laugh so much I nearly cried. Very spot on

    from:a girl's sch girl
  44. Lmfao. b4 i start jst 2 let u kno i am a girl. This was ClAsS. i really
    dnt think he was tryin to be sexist, cuz its too funny, can yu jst c a
    group of preppy lil girls readin that with shocked looked on their faces
    'like omgawd how cud he so meen, its lyk so totaly true but i cnt
    believe he acctually sed it' lol... i cuzn't help laffin at the majority
    of the stuff there and am proud to say that i Do Not act lyk that,
    hmmm.... lol :) cheezers
  45. the entire female population isn't just made up of bimbos, and your disclaimer does not magically justify your silly list. some girls LIKE being bimbotic and cutesy, so let them BE! what's wrong? are you inanely jealous? or are you just ditched by a lesbian, so you'd like to criticise every single girl in this world?!
  46. 'writing their names on their notes in fanciful fonts'
    Is your font at the top of your page not fanciful?
  47. i hope you find a girlfriend totally not whatever your list listed! :D
  48. mahaha! happened to coem across it while surfing, and found it rather amusing despite being a girl, and i foudn some things in there that actually describe me, but still its amazing insightful. MURR! good work i must say! (: cheerios!
  49. Your hit the nail right on the head.
  50. Yeah, all true and kinda humourous. So, the big question I ask, is how many silly girls do you get complaining about the list?
  51. you all must be gay
  52. You know, the minute I was starting to disagree with your list, I saw the amount of spelling mistakes and shortenings which girls did write. You are right. Partially, anyway.

    However, you are judging the stereotype. It's the same as Feminists glaring at every guy and saying "MCPS!".

    Yes well. The list was very well written, with plenty of advice and help from the 'fairer' sex.

    I'm not completely sure that an unshaved girl is a very appealing one. Think SCGS uniform.

    *SCGS girl raises arm in bus*
    *smell wafts over*

    Very appealing I'm sure. I should know. I'm one.

    One day, some one is going to write something like this, except for guys, qand you'll find yourself thinking or saying," Hey, I'm not like that!"

    Just thought you'd like to know.

    Nice list. Quite cute.
    *ah the cute word*

  53. You're amusing.
    25. Beautification - real or psychological (exfoliating scrub, toner)[yes i do use exfoliation scrub and toner]
    12. irc/icq/M$N/chat/Friendster (so desperate NS guys can ogle at their pictures)/other internet communication
    [sure i have MSN, sure i have friendter, just not for NS guys to ogle at]
    46. Writing notes to people they already talk to (and/or see) everyday, often on free postcards, even if they are right next to them [i often write notes. straight to the point notes. i'm glad my notes arent pink and pretty with pastel colours. they're written in blue ink.]
  54. gosh. this is very hilarious. i am extremely tickled. well some may be true i admit, i done it myself or saw others do it. some are HASTY GENERALISATION. but overall, it gave me something to laugh about. :D
  55. I don't see the point of listing stereotypes unless they're funny, and then it's merely for the joke value and for laughing at/covertly critiquing the pains of this world. Yes, I am faintly amused and can identify with some of these points, but I can't sense enough good intentions behind this list to not question its existence. (Unless I'm missing something huge.) And calling this a "tribute" or a "contribution to militant feminism" is so far off the mark that it surpasses the absurd and becomes, as you say, "disgusting".
  56. If I was looking for a reason to never buy a girl a girly toy this post would have set me straight. Hilarious, a little irreverent, and right on the money.
  57. hey look...we ARE girls after all. all the things you listed are the things separating guys from girls. :) if you don't like what we do, then we could all become males and we shall see if you prefer us now. we understand that some of the things are truly annoying eg whining, pestering, getting pissed, but hey, some guys like us for doing what we do! for the same reason we feel that guys do silly things as well eg. "act cool buay cool", talking loudly, playing soccer to impress their dream girls, undoing girls' bra straps and buying pants that sag a lot. but we accept these things as much as the fact that you all are guys. but anyway, thanks for the list. It was entertaining.
  58. Whahahhaha. As a female I was rather amused when I read that. Not at all offended, don't worry. (:

    I mean seriously. Girls spend too much wasting on stuff like clothes, makeup, boys, yada yada. *Yawn*. And 'fragrant'-smelling paper sucks. ><

    But- in case you think I'm some grand old naggy lady who is oh-so-mature-and-wise-and-sniffs-her-nose-up-at-such-immature-stuff - I'm 13. So.. yeah.

    And RGS girls SO do not watch sunrises through the windows! That's just.. lame.

  59. anyway i just wanted to add that the people who replied angrily to your "the stupid things girls do" seem like berserk outraged women. most of them were defending themselves anyway and failed to see that such generalisations are meant to be funny.
  60. one of the BEST expose on the feminine gender. EVER. At least on a non sensical blog (not withstanding that I still enjoyed reading it.) Its like a trashy novel that turns out to be a page turner. Ode to the researchers of this page. Haha. And a bigger ode to all the silly oofs who came up pages of rebuttals (50 odd points of rebuttal per comment??), maybe they out to be going to beauty paegents and cooing "World Peace" for every question asked (ref: you know what movie). Good on you, all those who came up with the page. A good analysis of the more vixenated of the two sexes.
    I don't however profess to be a homophobic male sexist. Just someone who likes a pinch of salt. Haha.
    Just the thought of that RS girl rebuttal makes me laugh.
    Have fun you all. And as Bob Dylan would say "Don't think twice, its alright"
  61. Excuse me, but I'm a girl and I don't do most of what you listed. Please don't be so sexist and categorise girls, man. If you think guys r equally bad then make a list for them as well. Don't be such a sexist.
  62. Hi, u girls r so lovable, very hard to live a proper life, when we can b perfect in so many other ways
  63. Honestly, it's all fine and well if you want to hate half of the human race but like us or not, we aren't about to disappear anytime soon. So instead of writing useless lists about how horrible we are, isn't it time to just start accepting that we are born this irritating? We have our flaws, as do the males with their useless spending on overpriced Quiksilver shirts. We are girls, we are hormonal because we are born that way. We cannot help it if guys just have the emotional capacity of a water jug. And face it, men were born from women. We both have to co-exist peacefully on earth for this earth to see the next ten years so if we can accept the fact that guys are perpetually talking about sticking their penises into any visible hole, I think it's not so impossible to accept that we're just not like the guys.
  64. Haha you're absolutely right about girls. I'm sure, though, that boys do equally silly things. Football? (:
  65. you know what? they'r mostly true, i must admit. but rgs girls DO NOT stare out the school windows to watch sunrise. that was RIDICULOUS. and btw, aren't you sorta wasting your time writing this, no? don't mean to be rude.
  66. :) GREAT READ. hahas. yes im a girl, n i suppose ur jus makin generalizations. right? if not then oh no, im not a total girl... oops.

    but oh do i love the neoprints with factorials! its so funnyy. ill go try it nxt time. hahs.

    thanks for the laughs

    ps. rg girls watch sunrises thru the window? oh man i didnt know that. oops/

  67. The usual error of over-generalising is committed. I lost interest after reading the 1st 20. An easier way might be just to list down every possible thing that normal human beins do.
  68. HI!!!Im a girl and I've read all that you have posted in. I wasn't surprise to see all of your complilation... quite impressive on how you gathered all these information and how much time must have caused you. However, (I did read about the disclaimer) I do not understand the point of the whole post. All above mentioned, I assure are almost everything of what girls does or have ever done in their whole existence. Its what make them fun and irritating, but hey its just the way it is and has been. I couldnt imagine any life where women would turn out to think or move like men. Imagine how black and white things would be. I presume that this list you have here are purely intended to gather more comments or such... then perhaps you have succeeded! cheers!
  69. Sigh... unfortunately your list is true. But I'm just glad that I don't conform to the qualities there. You seem to have based your observations on typical teens, and even as a teen I wasn't like that. All I can say is: go out with other girls and watch the differences!
  70. That's a nice list you've got there. Helped me to waste the past er...15 minutes. And while I agree (mostly) wholly on the aforementioned list, I would like to say that watching sunrises out of class windows is neither stupid nor a waste of time, but is merely an appreciation of nature's beauty. (this is in not a defensive statement in reaction to seeing this act being acredited to rg.) ^^. --> stupid/wasteful sign.
  71. Man YOU ROCK!!! im a girl and im tatally guilty of MOST of them! you are so observant?? LOL
  72. lol Love the list! Actually took time to read every point and laughed real hard. It's stereotyping but yeah msotly true and hilarious. Ha!
  73. I'm a girl (yes, let's announce the sex first, which automatically will influence everything because of the concept of gender) and I think your site is pretty cute.

    Some of the things are really quite true -- which just shows -- the world is really post-modern.

    But I think that some things are inaccurate

    1) some girls have horrid handwriting. I'm one of them. This has been verified by guys.. and other girls.

    2) think the substitution of the suffix "y" for the suffix "ie" is done by both boys and girls

    3) also, both boys and girls have substandard grammar. I don't profess to be ms perfect, but I'm pedantic enough to pick on things like split infinitives, punctuation, tenses and syntax (well that means almost everything)!


    I looked down there and I wasn't a man any more, cause I displayed so many of those traits, gyaaah, they soooooooo make me a gLiTtErrrI~*~* gAl~ with bad traits w0rx.

    I'm sure there's a list of mannish traits I must pick up some where ...

  75. I really love your site, especially the "Tribute To Nanyang" page.
    I must say as an ex-NYPS girl i've got this love-hate relationship with the whole Nanyang brand.
    I love it, but I miss the people and the military-like atmosphere. It was really orderly.
    I moved on to a Sec school not of the Nanyang brand and it was a huge shocker. You could say I wasn't used to the free spirited-ness (if that's a word. whatever.) of the students there of neighbourhood school stock and I definately wasn't prepared for the quirks, culture shock and freedom the secondary school offered me.
    I could do pretty much whatever I want and it was eye-boggling and even, like a shocker, to see students talking the teachers down (you just don't do that in NYPS, it's a great taboo, isn't it?). I really miss the old school, and the sex-crazed boys in it (well I still am friends with a few NYPS students and the thing is - a few of the guys I know went on a huge sex rampage in their first year of secondary school. How do I know? Their very detailed description of their sexual endeavours to their buddy who happens to be female. The thing is, I DIDN'T need to know THAT much. LOL.
    Anyway, your page about girls. They are annoying.
    Singapore girls have this annoying fetish on being giggly, and breathy, and speak in highly-squeaky voices. Right on about the cute stuff. Tare panda look like he's been steamrolled over and stepped on. I don't know what's the big deal about the Powerpuff girls either. It's so freaking annoying, their window shopping and all - I don't spend much time with my female friends, because we kinda dread one another's past times. They're sick of me ranting about console games, CG animation, art, cars, my guy friends' stupid stunts (you know, most guys do stupid stunts and tricks and they never fail to update their friends about it.), geek-stuff, and food. Im sick of their "I'll just walk in here to take a look" when we go out for lunch during one of those rare meet up trips and taking 3 hours to try on 2 outfits - one spagetti strap top and another spagetti strap top. The only thing is that they're in different colours.
    Hate the diet thing too. If you wanna eat and keep your skinny frame - go exercise. If you don't wanna eat, and ask your friends out for 'lunch', maybe you should just stay home and mope instead of whining about your weight and picking on your salad the entire time you're with a friend. So annoying.
    And their friendster profiles, and whatever else profile they put up on the net as a lame excuse to put their picture up - always some doe-eyed, upward shot of their face staring up as if they're giving some sort of blowjob and the guy took a picture from up there while she's getting it on. It's so stupid.
    They seem to love living up to their whiny, girlish stereotypes. That's not feminism. It's just pure, plain stupidity in it's female form. God, its so embarressing to be around some of these girls who live the stereotypes to the extreme that you could even label my female friends as freaks.
    One's an evil punk rocker who's Muslim, dresses goth and wears a tudung. The other's a closet lesbian (she doesn't tell me but it's written all over her face!) who enjoys making sex sounds but is herself a very virginal girl and speaks in a breathy voice - as if she's in constant practice for the next porn movie (I've told her this and she just laughs), the other's a game freak like me, a big tomboy (I wouldn't say I'm a tomboy :P) and studying some bio-something when all she really wants to be is in the gaming field.
    Anyway, i'm done with the ranting. Great work on the site and PLEASE keep it up so that other hapless NYPS students can stumble upon it and reminscence! :)
  76. nah..rg girls don't look at sunsets through the windows. their windows are all opaque! and what girls do can sometimes be a waste of time, but oh well, that's why they are girls, and not boys.
  77. Stumbled upon this piece randomly and loved it :D You have a hell lot of patience to bother doing this. But before you go on to generalize these mostly odd/despicable characteristics to all women in the world, might I mention that it's mostly Singaporean women who could possess ALL of these qualities. Even as a girl, I couldn't fathom the sheer dumbness of some of the traits/activities considered typically feminine in this country. A few (strictly very few) of your points could be true for normal women beyond the borders of this nation (Like 'Am I fat?' - that's universal :D)

    "women are like elephants"

    Oooh, you probably earned the wrath of all the women wondering if they are fat. Haha!

  78. "How girls waste their time" is a hilarious read. Thanks for the entertainment.

    In the spirit of retorting as expected from the girls...

    Hmm... are guys super efficient manager of time? You may not do such things, but guys can sleep like 24 hours a day, spend 10 hours a day on their wife, a.k.a. the vehicle, deliberate for days over whether they should call the gal, meet up with their buddies and proceed to sit in stony silence to nurse their brew and also come up with such list that makes gals waste their time reading. :)



Responding to the various pts:
1.guys are impatient
2.girls love themselves more than guys do
3. girls like to pamper themselves, but save $$ at the same time
4. girls spend more time reviewing about what they have been doing, in order not to make the same mistakes again
5. oh they do? how come i dunnoe............ some extra vain pple you are toking bout here...
6. we treasure and cherish our body parts, making them look as beautiful as possible
7. girls love themsleves
8.dont guys read playboy mag. secretly, and squander their $$ on soccer mags??
9. not all, mind you
10. NOT ALL, mind you............. including me, as a girl, in this catogory is an insult to me
11. no comment
12. dont guys chat using internet too? --- for hours too?
13.you should check out how long vain guys or celebrities take to finish their baths
14. again, not all do that.......... the pple the authors research on must be some ****
15. are you envious?
16. oh~ so guys dont have their own yellow r-rated jokes eh
17. hello? im a girl and howcome i dont laugh at nothing???
18......... how many times must i tell you : not all girls do that -- i DONT!!
19......... bitches............ all bitches are girls but not all girls are bitches
20. yah yah yah.... seems like the authors have narrow thinking....... and most probably are frogs in the well... girls read alot more than just romance stories......
21.wha bout guys bringing some stupid ah-beng orange comb with them every second??
22. dont you realise how sincere we are when sending gifts to pple? you should praise us!
23. wha bout horny guys? horny guys make up a huge population of men
24. ........ that is never me........... understand? and i am a girl!
25. that is because ad. also uses female models and thus men feel stupid using the products............. also, it is conventionally weird for guys to use those products......... and again............ we girls love ourselves
26. i cant cook, and so do all my friends.
27. that sound like an idoltic alien to me
28. they love to be in perfect state at all times, iznt that good?
29. so what? not all pple fancy those
30. this is because we have a much wider choice of such things than guys... and we would not want to go out of the door in ugly colour combinations, girls are careful pple, understand?
31. how come i dont remember doing that??
32. ive never even thought of doing that!!!
33........... okie......... wha bout guys standing infornt of the mirror for HOURS trying to gel their stupid frenge up??
34........NOT ALL PPLE DO THAT EXCUSE ME??? this is an utter insult to me.....
35.........okie......... i do take personality tests, but that is because i want to know more about myself so that i know what to do or what i can do in the future. is there anithing wrong with that??
36. ......... wha a nonsensical assumption
37. girls are simply more sensitve pple. maybe i should come up with a list....... saying how insensitive guys are......
38. ???
39.well, i would like to think that that is because they like to capture the scenes as eternal memories....... honestly, im dont take photographs frantically
40. that is what i mean by very good friends........ it that a waste of time too?? are you envious that we have such goood friends??
41. did i mention that girls love themselves, they hate to portray a flaw in front of somebody?
42. oh......... this would go to pple who are scared of EVERYTHING...... that is definitely not me
43.........i dont think im fit to be a girl in that case........
44. hahhaaa, that sounds like wha i do in primary school~ well, does this bother you?so....... guys dont waste time by fighting with his peers?
45. you are a frog in a well, i pity you.
46. well, i can only sae that girls do that , maybe, for the fun of it.......
47. HUH?? are you toking bout those 70s 80s conservative but somewha bitchy school girls? we dont take that now!!
48. WHAT?!? hey...his list is getting more and MORE ridiculous! this is an insult to me, once again.
49. i repeat, girls are simply more sensitive, you cant blame them/us
50............. are the authors prejudiced against girls as a whole? Do they ever realise that doing so will only show that they are ever so immature in handling this kind of assumptions 'cause they are sooo UNTRUE!!!!

ARgh...... wha a list.................

(Extracted - without permission - from first person's Livejournal)


Here is Gabriel Seah's list on how girls waste their time. Watch me comment here and there :) After going through the whole list. I realised guys just don't appreciate the small things of life. Life isn't all that simple as they make it out. Same reasons why girl pals are much closer than guy pals.

Items marked with * are things that Jeth does. (really. which leads to the inevitable conclusion about his sexuality. grin.)

Before we start. Let me present MY list of how guys waste their time. Or rather. Spend all their time.

How Boys Spend All their Time
1. Surfing porn.

How girls waste their time by Gabriel Seah :

*1. On the phone / gossiping / talking

2. makeup and accessories - hair, bodily or other (eg pets, possessions and other people)

*3. shopping, especially window (especially for things they don't want, just for the thrill of it - "a man is someone who pays $2 for a $1 item he wants. a woman is someone who pays $1 for a $2 item she doesn't want")

*4. sighing about crushes / doing other requisite things with sighing - 6 hours compared to guys' 5 minutes for the works

*5. hair (includes blowjobs on wet/dry hair and styling, playing and accessorising, cutting it whenever they undergo emotional change / trauma)

6. nails (manicure, filing, embossing, painting with horrid colours)
Me: Yeah right? How do we do that when our nails are supposed to remain short. Thanks to dictatorial schools.
*7. shaving (or other forms of hair removal - waxing, tweezing, hair removal cream or laser), especially regretful when not done thoroughly, leaving 'shadow'
Me: Guys shave too :) Everyone should shave. Makes you look better.

*8. reading the surfeit of redundant, gushy, sex-obsessed, overpriced and soppy girly and self-improvement magazines on the market
Me: Yes it helps us recognize your lack of sexual talent

*9. daydreaming (aka fantasising)
Me: Guys? Oh yeah I forgot they just surf porn. No time for fantasizing.

*10. "cute" stuff (real or contrived) - including dolls, origami, soft toys and fads (Tare Panda - on drugs and squashed by a steamroller, Hello Kitty - no mouth, Powerpuff Girls - sickly 'sweet' voices reminiscent of the smell of decaying flesh, Qoo drink's mascot - one ear, Disgusting Chick [Groovy Chick] stationery etc...)

*11. colour coding / decorating things (esp those with obsessive compulsive disorder) - writing their names on their notes in fanciful fonts / Doodling / vandalising friends' notes with flowers etc / sparkles on handphone screens?

*12. irc/icq/chat/other internet communication

*13. long baths / long times in bathrooms, in addition to long changing times

14. little notes on sparkly perfumed light purple paper with fluorescent pink ink

****15. perfecting printed handwriting (usually small / invisible) / writing in 'cute' font (or 6 different colours and pen tip sizes)

*16. silly jokes/antics on guys (even other girls)

*17. giggling / laughing at nothing / squealing (sometimes like small girls) (even over vegetables?) / yelping / screaming / shrieking (eg playing ball games - when they catch/throw the ball, when the ball comes near/almost hits them, when insects come near) / jumping up and down

*18. ogling "cute" guys (often squealing) - In NJC, bored girls rate guys coming out of the toilets : '0', '10', '-5,', 'hopeless'. Sometimes, if they're bored they say the ratings out loud so the guys can hear / admiring other girls

*19. comparing br****s, legs, hips, butts, waistlines and figures
Me: Guys just grab 'em.
*20. romance novels (giving girls false ideas about sex and love and making them harbour unrealistic fantasises about true love and soulmates, leading to future disappointment and pain, and making them extremely screwed up)
Me: You're just jealous you can't multiple orgasm
*21. looking in the mirror

22. "nice" stuff as gifts for others which invariably takes a long time to make

*23. Extended periods of time locked in the bedroom performing unspeakable acts
Me: Like what? Shaving? personally. I take 5 minutes to bathe and dress. I guess i'm like. uh. the exception or something.

24. Being fussy with food / destroying their digestive systems - being anorexic (3 fishballs for a meal!?), protein diet, prolonged detox, bingeing, sharing portions of food meant for 1 person with 1 or 2 other anorexic girls, eating very often but very little each time, starving themselves for months at a time and then pigging out during sleepovers
Me: Bingeing
*25. Beautification - real or psychological (exfoliating scrub, toner, blue tracing paper, face/skin lightening cream, facials, nail polish, pore packs)
Me: Then where do you expect to get your pretty girls? You selfish guys
*26. Cooking (often not finishing the food)
Me: Okay go marry some girl who can't cook (E.g. me) and then eat macs the whole time.
*27. Holding hands while waving and skipping / bouncing / bounding around

*28. Whining / worrying that they're fat / they look fat / they have a big butt (almost always without cause)
Me: guys whine about their birdies. Na they boast about them.

*29. Sparkle / milky / scented pens (sometimes with weird things attached to the end) / glitter

*30. Deciding what to wear (esp considering outfit + shoes)
Me: We don't want to look like boys.
*31. Spending enormous amounts of time in front of music shops gazing at posters of the latest "cute" Jap singer
Me: UGGUHgghghhghg. JAP? gross.
32. Devising lists to contribute to militant chauvinism / other acts against the dominant "oppressive" social order / being chauvinist
Me: here's a brilliant example
33. Spending hours in their rooms struggling with a needle and thread trying to raise the hem of their school skirt
Me: Really?
*34. Acting cute (often failing, sometimes grossing people out) eg making baby noises, pouting, posing etc
Me: For some girls it just comes naturally.
*35. Taking [more than 10] personality (or other emotional evaluation) tests / evaluating their psyche / going for therapy and/or psychoanalysis
Me: Least we don't come up with inane lists
*36. Fashion [disasters] (butt-hugging, butt-cheek-revealing hot shorts!!!, very short, ankle or even heel revealing hot socks, midriff baring outfits, especially when they are chubby, all manner of garish coloured outfits, appalingly coloured/designed sports bras, those horrible head scarfs [bandanas], ghastly accessories).

*37. Gushing over "touching" and/or "romantic" (read: mushy) stuff

38. Games involving co-operation / co-ordination
Me: What wHAAAAt?
39. Compulsive photo-taking / photo-sticker disorder (even in buses?! [2S06A'01], Andrew Gan eating a sundae pie), exchanging pictures
Me: No :P We don't bring cmaeras around 24/7
*40. Touching / pulling / hugging / leading each other
Me: Physical bonding.
*41. Queuing for the toilet / Forever freshening up (often together with other girls in toilet outings, waiting for everyone to be done before leaving and doing dumb things like splashing water and mashing toilet paper to throw on the ceilings)
Me: Hey. Water splashing's fun. Guys do it too.
*42. Obsessing over trivialities (and getting angry over minor perceived transgressions) / being overly sensitive / petty
Me: This i agree on.
*43. Talking about / Shopping for extra clothes to fill the already burgeoning closet(s) / shoes to topple the overloaded shoe racks
Me: Variety variety
*44. Drawing up elaborate lists detailing their "ideal" man and exchanging them with other similarly emotionally disturbed girls.
Me: Guys just need a big rack. And it's settled.
*45. Being racked with indecision, vacillating constantly
Me: At least we're flippant about *important* things. Guys are just indecisive over which lousy soccer team they support.
46. Writing notes to people they already talk to (and/or see) everyday, often on the free postcards
Me: Uhm. hM. yes true. I've got a little collection upstairs.

47. Hugging files to their bosoms tightly (sometimes closing their eyes and shaking to and fro when they think no one is looking)
Me: Yeah I wonder about that too. It's a natural action I think.
*48. Practicing inane actions that they think make them attractive to boys, eg. Blinking, fluttering eyelids, batting eyelashs, sucking in their cheeks, swaying their hips
Me: Just because you're gay Gabriel Seah...
49. Breaking down inexplicably / "happy also cry, sad also cry"
Me: Hormones. Different kind of hormones.
*50. Being squeamish over the littlest things
Me: Yes. I can't understand this either. But I know a guy when he was 16, ran to his parents room screaming when he saw a roach. 2 guys infact.
*51. Boybands (ogling, fantasising, singing their songs, making fun of them [for those not totally caught up])
Me: I agree on this. Girls are disgusting when ogling over boybands. Ugh. Thank goodness I don't belong here. Hm. Guys do it too. Yes. Everyone does it. Damn those boybands
*52. Taking forever to eat/finish up in the toilet
Me: WELL. HAH. Shall not go on to discuss the difficulties of having a female body.
53. coming up with and struggling to keep to diet plans
Me: Least we dont' take protein supplements
*54. Dotting their 'i's and 'j's with hearts and circles
Me: You just read too much Baby sitters club
*55. Carrying around a surfeit of stationery - eg 30 of the funny highlighter pens with a marker on one side, and a pen on the other.
Me: Yeah that's because you don't have a stationary eating monster in class.

*56. Naming/giving life to their stuff
Me: We like to call it "Playing God."
57. Talking / complaining about their periods
Me: Kind of equates to complaining about NS.

*58. Talking about virginity and also on the subject of losing it
Me: At least we don't lose it to our hands.
*59. Talking about guys
Me: Guys: Talking about girls/sex
60. Getting presents for people for the most trivial reasons / occasions
Me: Yeah. Somehow guys never do this.
Which explains why so many of you are getting dumped
61. Playing with each other's hair (RJ canteen, some J2s - 1 person, 3 stylers, 4 spectators, all 8 girls, braiding 2 pigtails)
Me: Just because guys are sore about not being able to plait their hair..

62. In RGS, the girls watch sunrises through school windows
Me: In nanyang, girls just sleep on their desks. Crazy RGS girls.

63. Carrying around [miniscule] [hand]bags which can barely hold anything
Me: Rather than stuffing every damn thing into our pockets. Unlike guys, large bulges in the lower region doesn't signify superiority.
*64. Fretting about their looks (often unwarranted)

65. Playing the guessing game, leading to mutual hurt, distrust and vituperation:
A: I'm pissed with you
B: What's wrong?
A: If you don't know what's wrong, I shan't tell you!
Me: Girls.. *shakes head*
*66. Discussing weird stuff eg whether they sleep naked
Me: We don't sleep naked. Unlike guys.
*67. Attaching bells or other things to their bags or ankles

68. Hurting themselves when they're stressed, dumped or bored (pricking, cutting and the like)
Me: NO WAY. Maybe like over eating. Yeah
*69. Talking about those inanely pervasive soap(opera)s. The type that can get really confusing if you don't watch them.
Me: Like zhen qing?
70. Faking cramps (for some)
Me: Hm.
71. Being kiddy
*72. Acting Bimbo
Me: No the bimbo people. ARE bimbo.
*73. Fawning over babies / animals

74. Quarelling/catfight/"friendly bickering" over stupid pens
Me:Not just pens you know.
*75. Moving in pairs (sometimes packs)
Me: We're superior social mammals.
76. Getting green eyed when they see a prettier girl
Me: That's the fault of you males. If you weren't so picky and choosy over how we look.
77. Reading/watching Yaoi (and other sorts of manga and anime) and writting fan fiction and drawing fan art (This entry is specifically dedicated to Yaoi Girl :) )

78. Nagging persistently (exemplified by most grandmothers and mothers)

79. Trying to matchmake their friends
Me: Don't deny it! You enjoy our matchmaking.

(Extracted - with permission - from second's posts at SGStudents' Forum)


*thanks God she doesn't fit onto 3/4 of the list*
i agree with you like every single bit about this list cos girls are guilty about it. -smirks- not that i am trashing my own gender, but its true that females, not all, but a good part of them, are guilty of such.

of course guys have their own habits and stuff but honestly i don't care cos half the time i'm being too much like a guy to worry about what im doing and if its a typical "male trait" which girls don't understand.
i suppose it varies for diff people.

and you forgot constant whining


stuff i noticed in class

elaboration on toilet habits + constantly being in groups and pairs

girls somehow almost ALWAYS been to be in groups, almost ALWAYS have to go to the toilet in groups, love to profess their love to each other, start calling each other "pet, mother, father, brother, sister, sister, pet turtle, pet dog, pet cat, neighbour,sister in law, brother in law" that kinda stuff

its apparently cool to be "bimbo"/acting "bimbo" gives girls a kick

girls are either trying to make theirselves prettier, or trying to look like a guy

owning about a million bags + pencil cases + wallets (purses) + handphone covers to match their mood/clothes/bedsheets/room color/whatever not

staying up until 5 am to make lil thankyou cards for everyone in their cca/class/both/everyone they know.. half of which get tucked into a corner and forgotten/throw away and trashed anyway

watching sappy movies -- >> a walk to remember -- a million times cos its so touching and sappy and romantic and their perfect idea of a relationship (even if they had to die)

owning everything of the same color - > pink pink pink PINK PINK PINK pink pink pink pink pink

writing letters in class to the girl sitting next to them

using frabic paint to write on the insides of their belt/shoes/bag/lockers/files/whatever they get their hands and frabic paint on


want me to add on?

- they think its cool to wear their hairbands around their necks and let their hair flop around their eyes (i mean i dn't care if your hair is in your eyes.. but if you have a hairband, wear it!)

- they have hair styling in class everyday on whoseever hair is long enough.. 4 people making up one hairstyle (unique scary ones at that)

- cakes and picturs and more cakes and more pictures at every juncture/occasion/whatever not reason they can think of

- forming cliques and swearing loyalty, then chatting and screaming and talking about their boyfriends so loudly anyone can hear them anyway

- complain they have no money then blow 50 bucks on new clothes

- spend hours and hours cutting and pasting pictures of their friends and pasting it into a collage on their folders... then throwing them away to start a new collage again and destroy perfectly good pictures of people in the process

- mutilating/wasting their diaries when they change their boyfriend and can't stand seeing their ex boyfriend's name in the diary