Crap + Gah


(Note by the host of this page: When first submitted to me, this page had many spelling mistakes, as it had been written by the King of Bad English, Lin Yucheng. I have taken the liberty of removing them as it made the page unreadable. If some remain, forgive me, as there were like 2 every sentence. Grammar mistakes are retained for your personal pleasure.)


Greeting, craper, welcome to the home of Sentient.

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The Words I Use

Gah. You came to look at me? There are two words above. If you are smart enough, you will be able to see them. These are my 2 favourite words, and I have decided to based my page on them. If you don't know crap,; you are a deadbeat loser like me. "Gah" a word me made up, I say when I've been outsmarted or is otherwise upset (i.e. everyday) In fact, I say Gah average 3 times a day. Nowadays, I use the word "lame" frequently as well. I can construct a whole sentence with the word lame : Lame lame, don't lame around, those lame lamers are laming lamers etc...


About Me and My Nicks

I am LYC, AKA YC the Great. My full name, is YuCheng, Lin (Ed : This is wrong. it implies that his surname is Yucheng as it is at the front. Also, it should be Yucheng) Why is everyone calling themselves "the Great"? No one deserves that honour, no one but ME! You want to know why? Yes! I am very great. In fact, Me think that I'm the greatest person in the whole world. Do you know what LYC stand for? Lin Yu Cheng. Everyone calls me Yuchen, not Yucheng. Even me call Iself Yuchen. Some people dare to call me yuck'heng, I'll teach them a leson. I use the nicknames Sentient and Nemes|s (which was stolen from my "friend" Timothy and I claim I took from Star Control 2 Orz Nemesis ship).

Nemes|s, with the implication of vengeance, hatred, was a name I used while playing Utopia and Earth, which are web-based multiplayer games. I picked that name as I found it to be a perfect reflection of my playing style then, which was to whack everybody up with my multis. I still play like that, but now I want to attract other people with my non-existant personality.

Sentient refers to a person with sense perception. Now, you may ask, why do I have 2 names that are opposites with each other? I think, Sentient is the word to describe myself best, and how I have changed as I undergo the transition from child to teen. Vengeance and hatred, is no longer an integral part of me (It was last time). It has been displaced by sentience. These developments render the name "Nemes|s" meaningless, and therefore I have opted to switch my name to Sentient. As you can see in the Sentral, however, Vengeance and hatred, is still an integral part of me. (Ed: As you can see, he does not know what Sentience refers to - also, even if it does, in maturing he can now sense more things?)


My Hobbies

Some would call me a nerd. Though I like soccer, I prefers typing "dor" endlesly at the dOS prompt for half and hour. Late at night, I watch wrestling, which is how I got to my present mental state. Much of the rest of my day is taken up playing UTOPIA, an online game in which i cheat to no start. Although we are alowed 1 account each, but I have 10+ accounts, which I uses to whack ppeople I don't like {ie everyone]} I wanted to make a prog to steal everybody's passwords, but luckily I was stopped by my laziness. I spend up to 4 hours a day playing it and discussing strategys for it. Recently, I have stopped advertising the fact that I play Utopia, but this is because I was being whacked up by people who dislike me. Now, I play anonymously so it is easier to whack people i dislike. Other times, I try to crash other people's programes ; for example, I type numbers in text input boxes to make programe hangs. Then, I laugh at their "bad" programming.

Other times, I watch English Premier League Soccer, I support Newcastle United and as I say in my ICQ info, Shearrer Rulezz! I don't really remember when or why I started supporting Newcastle United, but one thing for sure, I am a firm believer in loyalty and consistency of purpose, and hence, Newcastle United will probably be the only club I will support (confused? haha! You Suck!) . I am very happy that I meet Searer! It is the crowning achivement of my lif! See the pic i make of thus hsitoric moment! (Clik on the pik to view full picture - not everyone on broadband like I!) Too bad I once wore a red and black jrsey. Traitour!

You see my head looks weird, the lighting is not congrunt, something wrong? Who dare to say that me edit this pioc? It is real, real, sherer met me and OI spoon sand on the beach with him and his baby. If you want to put your head in this picture, m,ail me and I tell yoyu how I edited myu head in and I help yoyu edit it in too!

Sometimes, I use my superb hacking skills to hack game save files. Note that this is hnot cheating. It is HACKING, which is very different from CHEATING> Thus, I can proudly say that me DON'T cheat. I like to hack accounts and design (Read: Tweak, Morph) graphics too. I put my "friend" (is he a friend if I do this to him? I excuse by saying that the whole class wants to see it, but that is a LAME excuse) face beside that of a girl whose picture I got. I then claim there that the pic is real and stolen from his computer. Me removed it now, so you can't see. While there, see how stupid I am. It says the pic is brought to u by Nemes|s (NB: a name I stole from Tim) and the main page is called the Sentral owned by Sentient - and Central the TV station STOLE thje name from me!. (Actually, I am a fake hacker. I never really hack, it is confined to simple hex editing of money and lives in games and getting passwords by peeking at the person typing it or cajoling it from other people). I remembwr fondly my first Hacking experience! I got this game 'Bomberman (which me pronounce as Bomb'berman)' from Shuqu which he got from his school's computer lab, a Q-basic game, then I searched fior 'Hung' in the source code and replace it with 'Lin Yucheng'; so I was the programmer of bomberman! Then later when my skill improved, I added cheats so I can cheat my 'baby' brother (whom I bully at Wacky Wheels too, with cheats and other thing beating him when he beats me!) Mayb the mostr lame of my exploits - the first tiem i player WaRcraft 2 multiplayer with Tim, I tried to typed in the cheat codes!

I think that I am a very great programmer, and I like to code useless programs : I programmed a fire program, which simulated a flame. That was the most complete of the progs, the rest are still in alpha, as I gotten distracted by other progects or the lure of DORing. Then one of the next projects-a 'race' game where OI named one of the runners 'Jiangyue' and kept cursing that she'd trip, and when she won I reset the game and said 'lkame lame' Fopr my class, I give people 'randomly generated' passwords with phrases like 'imsick' and 'imnidiot'.

My only successful project so far - Hunter-Seeker. Yes, program for NEOPETS to help you play the game. I saw my sister playing and decided to program. Too bad the GEocities site got shut down because they are jealous of me and my program ais screwring the game.

I also like web designing. As you can see from the Sentral (now taken down - theyre bised against me !or nEopets compalioned because of 'Hunter-seeker my project to auto play neopets), my designs are all crap! Examples of my work include Project EQ, winner of Best English Project on my school's Projects' Day 1999 (seeing how bad my english is, it must have been the only entry) . I do programming in Visual Basic. I'm not really an expert in it, but my skills are good enough for me to make programs to simulate games, outcomes and such. With the rest of my time, I undermine my friends. I do this to everyone whom I know. When I am asked to keep a secret, I will deliberately tell it to everybody I know just to spite the person. In front of other people, I will put down my "friends" and in front of the next person, I will put down the last person I talked to.


My Future

To be frank, I am an ambitious individual with big dreams. (To be even more frank, my ambition is to earn money and put down and sabotage my friends) Dreams which I believe, with my continued hard work, and a sprinkling of luck, will become realty. No I shan't be revealing my dreams here, because I have delusions that someone has nothing better to do and is continually monitoring my page and will most probably make headlines by anouncing them to everyone on his contact list, after changing a few words that is (the spelling mistakes in most).

However, recently Ive been reading self-improvment books, and I'm inspired by the advice in them! I am going to resolve my identity crisis and come out a better person, so watch for the metamorphosis, and beware of when I spout all the aporisms I get from there!


Quotes I live by

Another thing about myself, I love quotes. Here are some of the quotes which I live by:

"If your enemy has done you wrong, do not turn the other cheek but instead kick him 10 times harder then he did"

"I am always correct"

"Scums do not deserve anything."

"I have no friends, only suckers to exploit"

"Underhanded means are acceptable"

"Laugh at others and the soul will be redeemed"

"Imagination sucks. Use ideas recycled from elsewhere"

"If someone criticises you, don't listen, just whack him"

"Money rules" bag.gif (482 bytes)

As you can see, most of the quotes deal with the themes revenge, slander, which are reflective of my character.

More quotes from me


My motto

My motto is "Be in control". It may sound simple, but greater intepretation of it will give it complex meanings. It applies to most events. My motto gives me a direction in life, that is, to be in control of my life, to go after my dreams and not to let others be in control. It is also what I turn to when I meet problems. As long as you are in charge of the situation, the dice will never be loaded against you. No doubt, it has helped me alot, even during my exams. Whenever I see a hard question that freaks me out, the first thing I tell myself is to "be in control of the situation". From there, I calm my nerves, pick up clues in the question, and build up my confidence in my answer. Adopt it if you like it. It's not really the best motto in the world, but it certainly works for me. See how badly I've turned out?


How I piss others off

I like mocking and irritating people, for reasons entirely different from those of the scum Timothy. I make everybody every upset. When a crapper teaches me somethng new, I wait 1 week and then go around trying to teach it to everyone, including the person who taught me the thing. This angers everybody as they know that i'm only pretending to be so smart. 

Do u noe tat I am a bad loser? Whenever I lose, I would tell the otehr person to go and die or shout at them : "YOU! SHUT UP!". When Tim got a score of 78 in the Mouse Clicking Competiiton, I told him to turn his head while I tried my hand at it. When the time was up, I deleted my score and entered 200 there. Luckly my deceit was discovered. Me likes to hurt people for the sake of it, witness what me does to my "friend" James and "friend" Shuqi. <= no more link cos geocities was jeaous of me!

In JC, I also do this to people. I reuse old picture I made to mock the pRawn, and I put my clasmate Zhuobin's face there. Same picture! picture prawn's face in plac of zhuboin - I did that more than a year before this, and I ver produ of myhself, so I put his face there now to mock him! nO imagination? how dare you say that! Picturee has the person's fce at diferent angle.

"Mr Siu (I like to call people "Mr" to mock them)

You know how I treat girls whom I meat on ICQ? My motto when dealing with them is : "Utopia first, them Second". For the rest, I just undermine them, as you can see above, by telling their secrets to all I know

Whenever i learnt new things, I will repeat them 3 times and then used them on people in a week. When I was taught the royal Plural by Tiim, I said : "Royal plural... Royal plural... royal Plural". Next week, I trie to "teach" him the "ROyal Plural". He say of me : "That madman"


My School and friends

I were born in the same year as Timothy and Shuqi (whom I used to call shu4 qi2 untill his sister keep teling me theres' no one there caled that), 1983. Our birthdays are only six days apart - mine ( 6/8/99) is 6 days earlier than Tim's and 12 earlier than Shuqi (How I insulted the prawn : "His graphics manipulation skills are limited to cutting and pasting, resizing and cropping". If it were I readig it, I would say laaame). During the time the Prawn had 3 way calling, every time he or TIm pressed the '1' button to signify thir displeasure, I will say : "the Korean Won has just depreciated'. What a lame remark

We went to the same school, Nanyang Primary. Unfortunately, we were split up when we went to Secondary School (actually, it is fortunate as I no longer have to tolerate those scums) Now, I am in Hwa Chong Junior College (which has the best moncake festival celebration in singapore). Previously, I am in THE Chinese Hiogh School (TCHS), the greatest school in Singapore. [note that it's URL is and not even though THE is in our registered name:to bad for Catolic high] It is much better than Raffles Instituion or Catholic High School. I have a very good reason for why these schools suck. It is that they are all crap, or as I told SHuqi, Your school is all crap! Doesn't that make sense? They are all crap, and this is a very solid and substantial argument that they suck. My friends theoraticate that factcilities are very important to me, in fact, they are my top priotiryt in choosing a school. Someone in TCHS with me said I was "most irritating person in Chinese High", that I made irritating comments during assembly. He wasn;t even in my class. He say me juvenile. One clas wanted to kill me oncebecause I was being childish, making coment about other school at track & Fields

My fake claims sounds so good, don't they? Now, I study in HCJC Junior College! I takes F Maths, Maths, Physics and Computing. Actually, I tok the last in secondary School alredy, but i want to take an easy way out, so i take it again, and laugh at my fellow classmates and teacher.... Though I use to say I take 10 subjects, me actually only tooks 8, because Higher Chinese and Computer Studies are not counted (and a TCHS boy confirm that inded computer is not subject?). I do well in school (aren't I cocky?) It may sound amazing, but I was a literature student. The only reason for that is that I dislike Histry more. I likes to claim that I am a literature Student, am so am smarter than Shuqi. For some wierd reason, I call him the Oil Salesman. The theory was that he has so much oil, so he sells it. I sem to be the only one in the world tickled by it. I also called him the Prawn before. Want to know why? I cal him that as his surname sounds like the Chinese word for prawn. How lame! Hahahaha...

My ECA was the ECCube in TCHS. Now, it is the ITS! For the idiots out there, they are the computer clubs in TCHS and HCJC respectively. In Secondary One, I mocked SHuqi when he joined the choir, as I said it had no future, whereas the computer club will help me to earn big bucks in the future, prepare me. As you can see, I don't appreciate the finesr things in life.


My Family

In my family, me have a brother, a Sister a father and amother. Though I am already 17, i still am very juvenile [I haven't matured since 9] and bully my sister and brother, who's are 13 and 8 respectively. I call her mouse and him fat. No one and me knows why I call her mouse and my brother is definately not fat, and the whole house calls him 'baby' although he is already in Primary 3!


The Sperm Guy

In June 1999, my school invited a man to conduct a "super-Teen" workshop for us. He inspred all of us. He asked us what we would think of a person for whom 1 million people died for. We said he is a idiot. He then said we all are idiots. We were confused. He then revealed that 1 million sperm die for every person born. TImothy ahnd Shuqi pointed out a flaw in the reasoning, but I am even more ditermined to earn my first milion by 26.

  1. Sperms aren't people
  2. Sperms aren't even cells, they have only 23 chromosomes, not 46 as in a normal cell
  3. There are more than 1 million sperms in each ejcultion
  4. The sperms just want to fertilise the egg, they do not have any ulterior motives


My English

My English is very bad. If you look, you probly find many mistakes here. My inability to type properly when I multi-task woorsens the problem. To pound the problem, I rarely use spell-checker on my work. I also "malapop" often, as you can see in Quotes from me. When playing an multiplayer game with chat function, I always mispel my words. Once, I typed tat I was "multi-tassling". I rely on a word bank to try to improve my English. It is choke-filled with difficult nouns. I like to test people on their English, and mock them when they does not know the word to describe a loony-loking, mousy faced craper with a whiny voice like me! In case you're wondering, I DO speak like how I write.


My Inter-personal relationships

I am part of the trumvirate of the King, the Sage and the Fool. Timothy is the King - the King of Games. Shuqi is the Sage as he says wise things. I am the fool, wasn't that obvious from this page? How do I know the word "triumvirate" you asked. My English BE very bad. I actually thought for 5 days straight to find that word. It was now in my word bank. In fact, I learned many words in the writing of this page.


My Biggest Interest

gah.jpg (21001 bytes) I love money! My life revolves around it. me thinks that this is tHe most important thing in life, what I want in life. I want to made my first million by 26. I came up with some money making schemes before, but they failed. On e was the plan to make a program to help people play Utopia well, calculating how many builduings they should built. I wanted to sell it for $5, and projected that 10% of the utopial players (~40,000 people) would buy it. ZThat was 1998, and I am still not rich!


My Bad Points

You see many of my character defects above here. I also cant take criticism. When someone criticeses me, I will remove/delete their criticsm and then threaten to beat them up, or more often, to mailbomb them, hack their computers and emal and send them trojans to wreck their computerrs, to make the criticism stop. How am i to suceed in life like that! aND I criticise people's bad English when mine isn't good?

In the past few years, when someone says something which dep down me realise are true, I will say to thier face : "YOU! Shut up."

I tried to blackmail the prawn into taking down his page about me (which he claims is true), first by setting up a page about him full of lies and recycled insults (lik 'King Gabirl"), which was very notably inspired by Timothy's Homepage (thus showing my lack of creativity). When that failed, I mailbombed him with greeting cards and spammed his guestbook with 200KB of messages every day, causing him to lose 1/3 of his guestbook entries (of course denying both actions). That malicious plan failed as he refused to be threatened by terrorists. 2 months later, Tim the Great told me his password, and I took over his page, claiming that I was doing it on behalf of Tim and I demanded that Timothy's Homepage be removed (while he had not expressed any dissatisfaction), as following my vicious nature. Not only did I hack into it, I also put up sensitive information which he had entrusted me with! Can you help me change? It will be hard as I don't want to, but all support is appreciated (by my friends).


My Pic

This is me. See my face? crapper.jpg (4477 bytes)
As I say of another of my "friends", Tan Yu Wei, "Doesn't he have a freak face?" In fact, I am the freakiest freak in my class.

Hwa la la la la Me with my friends from HCJC Junior College.

You see that now I gel my hair, or as someone says, "He attempts to gel his hair". Aint it messy? Lucky now I no longer atemopt to gel!


Contacting Me

If you want to know more about me, there are many ways in which you can achieve that goal. You can visit the "Sentral" which I have set up. My email add. is If you want to visit me, to talk with me face to face, I live somewhere in Singapore. Just where, you have to ask.

If you wanted to call me, I think that you will not be able to. My phone line were always engaged due to one of these reasons:

- I am on the phone, slandering "friends" and plotting to undemine people
- My sister is on the phone, now that she has hit adolescence
- My younger brother is on the phone
- My mother is on the phone
- I am playing Utopia or Tetrinet
- I am on the internet hacking
- I am at school or out
- I am sleeping
- I am busy doing unspecified things
- I am eating
- I don't feel like talking
- I will tell you how HCJK wins computer competitions and is gpood and other schools are lame! (so sad 2001 Technoquest, RI had 3 times ACJC's (the 2nd's) points and HCKC wasn't 2nd!

Now I have Cable. Now I cah engage in more mystery internet pursuits.


In short,
1. ICQ Number: 7317748 (Name, age, sex, location, DoB, Email stored there - in 1 number!)
2. Nickname: Sentient / Nemes|s (the latter i have supposedly dropped)
3. Motto: "Be in control"
4. Direction in life: Computer Business/Entrepeneurship (seeing as i have no life now)
5. Interests: Web design, programming, Multiplayer games, Soccer, chatting, mocking, undermining and irritating others
6. Favourite Book: I appreciate all books by Micheal Crichton (author of Jurassic Park and Lost World - i can't even spell my favourite author's name!)
7. Favourite Sport: Soccer
8. Position: Full back/Midfielder (what the hell is that? Sounds like some sex thing)
9. Favourite Colour: Sky Blue (Symbolises freedom, inspiration)
10. Favourite food: Japanese
11. Favourite drink: Lemon tea
12. Favourite Film: Chariots of Fire (I stole the title for my kingdom name in Utopia)
13. Favourite TV Channels: None, I guess. They all suck (Yes, that includes Cinemax and HBO: your movies are crap like me!)
14. Favourite TV Show: Anything inspirational
15. Favourite Music: New Age, Classical (Great while doing work or studying. Actually I don't listen to music at all and can't appreciate classical music)
16. Favourite Song: Aria (By Yanni - others think he mangles this beautiful piece)
17. Hour which I fall asleep: Hour which I finish all my tasks, which are numerous as I have to slander people.
18. Ideal girl: Mature, morally upright, sensitive, understanding, intelligent (see how cocky I am? I am also choosy and old-fashioned)
19. Phobias: Blood and gore. Making a mistake.
20. Most embarassing moment: Scoring an own goal.
21. Quotes? "Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings" (ask me for more.. I've got tons of them) :)


My ICQ now says:

"I'm a fiercely independent person with an undying entrepreneurial spirit. I believe in innovating and creating, not following and conforming. I believe in shattering paradigms, breaking conventions and transcending boundaries. I hope to set up my own web company by the time I'm 19.
I welcome like-minded people to leave me a message."


Beware if you want to mesage me! I'm always invisible and if I find you irritating, I'll add you to 'ignore' and call you a lamer.


The quote I have there:

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

but there is a good reason why some places have no path they lead to the abys and youll fall in. Beware, for if you follow me in my trek, you might get lost or fall down the hill.


crappers have been iritated by me since 2/12/99! (Counter provided by Just deserts on you all! My old homepage (which geocites took down becase they didn't like me, used to say "Counter reset: 13/15/2000", I named an new month of the year after Me!)


See a page I and me friend made!

See my JC class page!


From your Supreme Ruler, Resident (evil) genius


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