Shudder, for you look upon my exalted face!!!


timsmile.jpg (13472 bytes)

Me smiling at my old home. Notice the altar at the top left


timread.jpg (23429 bytes)

Me reading some pamphlet (Ed: Promoting Chicken McCrispy) at my old home, with my bed (with the bolsters) in the background. Note the drawn curtains?
What unspeakable acts occur at the seat of my power?

Sweet 16 didn't treat me very well, did it?


timroom.jpg (24723 bytes)

The room I shared with my brother. See the muscle man pinup? That's my brother's. He had a target - to train up by 7th march 1999. Sadly, he still doesn't look like the muscle man in the poster. With the advent of 2000, everyone is telling me that I must train up. Though I've humbled myself to try, I still cannot do one pullup.

You will notice such things as the air purifier at the top right and on the left the CD rack with all my original (and otherwise) software and games.


timscore.jpg (13989 bytes)

I pore through my scores at the National Library.


timwindow.jpg (46240 bytes)

The view from my window. Now you see the world as I do on lazy Saturday mornings, eating breakfast in bed and listening to the bad singing (from my father) and the hum of the computer fan.


Don't I look Malay?


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