What is this all about?

This Page was created by a few people from Singapore, who are totally unrelated in almost any way.

This Page aims to do variouys things, which it will do if only it was viewed by a significant portion of the population.

Due to time constraints as well as a Content Limit of up to 10 pages for this site, we have been unable to upload too much content. However, rest assured that this page will be updated further in the near future (further than you think...).

Enough Crap! Who are the people involved?

Ng Jin Yin (Leader)
In charge of the web page design, the uploading, blessing the page, giving it a few hits a day, breathing on the computer as well as the conversion of content to HTML (from text, using Frontpage).

Sa Hi Pa
In charge of the Flash animation you are supposed to see at the start page.

Hi Ka Mui and Aga Goo Ga
In charge of the content (all 10 pages)

Please send comments, suggestions, job offers, plenty of praise, flames and spam mail and 1 billion (hey, why stop at a million?) dollar checks to: coldcut@pacific.net.sg (JinYing's email). Enjoy!


We would ask you to sign our guestbook, but our leader has already signed it in his friend's name with lots of praise, then deleting the entry *really* written by him.

Original page : http://members.tripodasia.com.sg/drugscentral/index.htm (No hard feelings... =) )

All typos and grammatical errors found are intentional.