The Graduate, produced by The Video Renegades

Being a critique of the lamentable fact of intelligent, well-educated graduates being too choosey and holding out for good jobs instead of being entrepreneurial and retraining to fry gao laak (fried chestnuts) at hawker centres.

Unnamed sources close to the creators say: "Remember, we WILL hijack the nus convo one year and play this."


A scene-by-scene summary with stills is presented below, but of course, the video has to be viewed in its full glory for maximum impact, so here are 2 download links:

Having just graduated, The Graduate is immensely happy, running through verdant meadows in his robe.

Facing the heavens, he utters his cries of delight at having, at last, escaped the Premier Institution of Social Engineering.

He proudly strikes a pose in front of his Alma Mater.

We see the 1.99 shop in the background.

The Engineering Graduate, despite having slaved for 4 years and being told that Engineering was the subject to major in if you couldn't get into Medicine or Law or go overseas, is unable to find a job. He should have learnt how to wash test tubes. He hawks his skills for $1.88.

An untrained man (perhaps foreign talent?) walks by and sees the sign.

He decides that despite or perhaps because of his lack of education, he can undercut The Graduate by offering his skills for a lower fee ($1.77), for what is presumably a similar job.

He smirks at how The Graduate has wasted 4 years slaving in Engineering, but both of them are now in the same situation.

The two undercut each other.

Since there is no minimum wage in Singapore, the untrained man can offer himself for below a living wage. Presumably he lives in a tent along the beach at East Coast and hasn't been evicted yet.

Patriotically offering employers the best value for their money, the graduate teams up with someone else to offer employers better value