Cooking With The Flour Rangers


Now, Cooking With The Flour Rangers

Here's Master Chef, Julia Stepchild

Today, we're gonna make Giant Pineapple Upside Down Cake

First, find yourself a Giant Pineapple

Then turn it upside down

Now... add raisins

These are California Raisins. [Someone: How does she know?] [Someone else: She heard it through the grapevine]

I prefer using raisins from the planet across there! *camera pans to earth*

They're much plumper, but make sure they're ripe otherwise they tend to have a very strong pumpkin flavour

The next step is to morph into the Flour Rangers.

[Adam: Baked Alaska!]

[Kimberly: Teriyaki!]

[Billy: Grape Lollipop!]

[Aisha: Soft-Shell Crab!]

[Rocky: Chilli Dogs!]

[Team: Wah dah!]

Then beat gently.

*2 chimps (presumably Bulk and Skull) say something unintelligible*

[Rocky: Don't beat too gently, you don't want lumps!]

Finally, place the cake into the oven at 675,000 degrees.

If your oven doesn't reach that high, a volcano will do nicely.

Keep a close eye on the timer.

And wallah! Bon Appetit!

Be sure to watch our next show! *giggles oddly*

We'll prepare *something*, *something* cake, Sushi, Swordfish and *something*

*Unintelligible sounds from Rangers*

*Unintelligible sounds from Julia Stepchild*