My Idols

Name: Wo-hen Nankan, the Asian Prince (aka Tuan Anh)
Claim to Fame: He's filthy rich and has lots of women (and possibly gay men) throwing themselves at him.
Why I admire him: He can vibrate his hand, and his hair is soft, thick, and easy to style. He has an inner bad boy, and can charm the socks off anyone

Name: Kimberly Ann Hart
Claim to Fame: Saving the world countless times, participating in the Pan-Global Games in Florida
Why I admire her: Once ditzy and materialistic, she evolved into a strong, confident, and caring person. A kind and compassionate soul, she cares a great deal about her friends, and will not take kindly to anyone messing with them (with apologies to Power Rangers Central)

In tribute to her, my ICQ and MSN nick has been 'kimberly' since 1997.

Name: Professor Alessandro Moreschi
Claim to Fame/Why I admire him: The last of the castrati, he died in 1922, leaving behind the only known recordings of the voice of a castrato

Name: The Associate aka He Who Must Not be Named aka mindgame aka nw.t.
Claim to Fame: I could tell you, but then he'd kill both of us.
Why I admire him: He partakes in adventures beyond compare

Name: The formerly Poor Suffering Substantive Third Sergeant, shortly before that a Poor Suffering Local Third Sergeant, the Self-Proclaimed 'Master of Office', Top Bio Student in NJ in His Year, the Master of the Chair, He Who Cackles Evilly, the Hawker of Evil Torture Devices - (name removed by request)
Claim to Fame: See name
Why I admire him: For putting up with me