Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson:

(I've put these two together as they always seem to work hand in hand)

Dave Morris was born in 1957 and educated at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford. He read Physics at Magdalen College, Oxford, and graduated in 1979. He now lives with his fiancée in Wandsworth (1987), and in their back garden is an ivy-covered pulpit from which he delights in holding forth on many subjects!

Oliver Johnson was also born in 1957, in Paris, a few days apart from Dave. He was educated at Haileybury College, and at Lincoln College, Oxford. After undertaking three years' research in English in Oxford, he worked on a buyer with Waterstones Bookshops. In 1987, he was an editor at Corgi Books.

Both were educated in Surrey and then went to Oxford in 1976. Despite this succession of coincidences, they did not meet until after graduating, when they began a professional career in fantasy role-playing.

They claim to role-play every week, and many of the incidents from these games were written into the Blood Sword books. Their Legend Campaign (Blood Swrod) is thus populated by such stalwarts as Tobias de Vantrey, Icon the Ungodly, Lagrestin, Fatima, Anvil and Captain Puldro. They claimed they had never undertaken an adventure as perilous as that described in Blood Sword 4, Doomwalk. (Ed: Gah...)

Dave and Oliver "understand the game book maket better than most authors, for they have both worked as fantasy game writers." They developed projects in Ian Livingstone's Games Workshop and became familiar names in its magazine White Dwarf. Dave was a contributing editor (1987). They have collaborated on several famous series in the genre, most of which ae published in various countries including Japan and the USA.

They are known worldwide for their bestselling gamebook series. They also designed the role-playing game, Dragon Warriors, on which their Legend (Blood Sword) stories are based. They have collaborated on a range of fantasy projects and have contributed articles to rolegaming magaznes as diverse as White Dwarf, Imazine and The Tekumel Journal.


Jamie Thomson:


Jamie Thomson assisted Dave and Oliver on the last Blood Sword book. Jamie is famous for his Way of the Tiger series (which was also published by Knight Books). With Dave, he has recently completed (1988) Tetsubo, and Oriental supplement to Games Workshop's Warhammer game.