Most of the people in my batch think that our chemistry teacher, who shall remain unnamed, is gay. I am one of the few who do not think so. I have set up this page to try to understand why.

My Chemistry Teacher

We shall refer to him as Mr X.



  1. A lot of stubble.
  2. Has much white hair, but not that much.
  3. Thick bushy moustache.
  4. Much body hair.
  5. Very hairy arms and legs.
  6. About 1.65 metres.


  1. Goes hmm? sometimes.
  2. Has a voice that often rises to high levels suddenly.
  3. Speaks in a high voice normally.


  1. Sometimes walks with his head sunken into his shoulders
  2. Swings his arms when he walks.
  3. Swings his hips somewhat when he walks.


  1. On casual occasions, favours short, colourful bermudas.
  2. Favours long-sleeved white shirt and black pants.


  1. Seen loitering in 2 primary schools on Teachers' Day - when he doesn't belong there.
  2. Moves his arms violently while gesturing.
  3. Hugs students.
  4. Touches students.
  5. Likes to be close to students.
  6. Pats students on back.
  7. Touches students' arms and shoulders.
  8. Folds students' collars for them.
  9. Tucks students' shirts in for them.
  10. Touches male students. Note: It is a boy's school.
  11. Allegedly powders face.
  12. Rubs his hands together.
  13. Cares a lot about his students.
  14. Allegedly has no female relationships.
  15. Likes to bring students on outings.
  16. Calls students late at night.


  1. Divorced.
  2. 30+, 40+ (?)
  3. Drives an old Mercedes which is falling apart.

Well? What do you think? Is he or is he not?

The Poll

Do you think my Chemistry teacher is gay?