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13/12/09: Reuploaded CAP Calculator upon request.

07/03/09: Added Singapore Parliament Reports: Rule of Law (24 Nov 1999).

27/07/08: Updated My Anti-Halal Manifesto. Listed Malaysia: the Land of Poor Quality.

16/04/08: Added Dawn Yang (Dawn Yeo) galleries (see blog post for more information): Before plastic surgery, After plastic surgery, FHM article, Miscellaneous. Updated Christianity and its Adherents.

16/02/08: Updated Quizzes I've Taken.


Welcome to the third incarnation (broadly speaking) of Gabriel's Homepage. Eschewing the sort of confused, unaesthetic designs of yesteryear, I have now decided to plunder my current blog layout, since I'm a dunce at web design.

Current Contents

Balderdash - My infamous weblog. Regularly updated.

Improve Your English - Collection of Bad English and Funny Quotes (11,443 to date)

About Me - Ditto. Also, a "Tribute" to Nanyang Primary School (NYPS).
Related: My Idols, Quizzes I've Taken, Why I Dislike Modern Music

Current Winamp playlist (Late, Great one wiped out by HDD crash, Tim The Great's playlist)
NB: If you *really* want/need a file, I can try to send it to you if you drop me a note

Writings and other Productions - A selection of material I've churned out in the past. More on Balderdash

Quizzes I've taken - What, oh what would we do without online quizzes?
How Girls Waste Time - A "tribute" to the fairer sex

Anti-NS (Military Conscription) Essays
1999 (English Essay)
2001 (Killing time before enlistment)

A lame, neo-liberal, Western-intelligentsia, demagogic claptrap - Piece on some deficiencies of the Singapore political system
Re: NS a social distillery for ethnic cohesion - The first of a few letters rejected by the ST Forum
Democracy and Economic Growth: Antagonists? - Examining the argument put forward by some that democracy is inimical to economic growth.

ExChristian testimony - As published on ExChristian.net
Questionnaire for Christians - 7 questions put across to everyone across the spectrum, and perhaps applicable to those from similar religions
Christianity and its Discontents - An exploration of why non-theists can get so agitated by Christianity
Christianity and its Adherents - An exploration of some reasons why Christians are so
Thoughts on Skepticism and Christianity - Renunciation of my former religion which I do not update anymore, leaving it as a testament to my religious beliefs c. April 2003
Atheist at a Catholic Funeral - Written by a friend

Rich or Poor? - Parody exposing the disingenuousness of feel-good "inspirational" stories
Attitude - is it everything? - Parody of another disingenuous "motivational" story
Have you ever wondered which hurts the most? - Chain/motivational mail parody

Police did right in rejecting religious procession - Parody of a homophobic letter to the Straits Times
Why should civil servants stop plundering the coffers? - Parody of a letter to the Straits Times about why political parties shouldn't do anything that hurt them
All the forum letters are about stupid things. Time for editors to act - Written in despairing response to an utterly idiotic letter urging censors to promote wholesome movies

Academic (including essays by others that've impressed me so much, I've volunteered to help spread the wealth)
On JS Mill's prescriptions and Social Mandates
An Economic Analysis of Advertising and Bust Enhancement in Singapore
Moralistic Objections to Evolution
Frazer and his insult to religious sensibilities - On the theories of JG Frazer and whether one can both be religious and study religion
Economic Growth in Africa - an econometric analysis of how factors and geography affected economic growth in Africa from 1960-2000; dataset used (from Weil) also available
Post-65, Post-Post-65 Or Bust? Sustainable Authoritarianism In Singapore - On whether it is sensible to explain Singapore's liberal democratic prospects in terms of its "post-65" generation

Continuing Discrimination Against the Dalits: Reasons and Possible Solutions (by Abdullah Luqman)
Proud to be “SingapoLian”: A Scrutiny on the Rise of “Ah Lian” Culture in Singapore (by Low Hui Ping)

The Law faculty as a landscape of exclusion - an examination of why/how NUS law students are so elitist

Dawn Yang (Dawn Yeo) galleries
(see blog post for more information)
Before plastic surgery

After plastic surgery

FHM article


Pork: The Other White Meat? - Rebuttal of a badly written, superstition-ridden article by a Muslim scholar on why we shouldn't eat pork
My Anti-Halal Manifesto - Why I am opposed to Halal food and why my opposition is not based on religio-phobia

Why Marriage is Untenable - Some ideological objections to the institution of marriage.

Why M$N IM is evil - Documenting the many evils of MSN Instant Messenger
RJC Review - Un-whitewashed review written for JC Guide (aka V.A.G.I.N.A - Very Accurate Guide To Ideal National Academics)
Shaw vs van Swieten: A comparison of the lyrics in Robert Shaw's take on Haydn's Creation with the original's
Cooking With The Flour Rangers - a transcript (with screencaps) of a spoof movie I found on IRC
The Graduate - a video which is a critique of the lamentable fact of intelligent, well-educated graduates being too choosey and holding out for good jobs instead of being entrepreneurial and retraining to fry gao laak (fried chestnuts) at hawker centres
That's What I Call an Education!- The lyrics and MP3 of the unofficial song of the National University of Singapore's University Scholars Program (NUS USP)
Malaysia: the Land of Poor Quality - Why Bolehland is a bad place to buy anything.

The improbable 2004 Times Higher Education Supplement ranking listing NUS as the 18th top University in the world.

Snapshots - For those seeking refuge from all this blessed text

Plaak Pics (Pictures from my choir's trip, in end-1998, to Vienna, Salzburg and Prague)

Downloads - A small selection of media and files
Agagooga's CAP Calculator - A useful utility for NUS students to calculate their CAP and the future results needed to get their target degree.

Other Adventures - Off the top of my head, some other frippery of mine

A Conman In Tokyo - Clips from this amazingly crappy and funny movie
RGS Yearbooks - Your last hope if a RI or ACS hotblood has torn up your copies (1999 and 2000 issues only)
NB: Access to the above two sites may be spotty as they are hosted on an unreliable web host, which is why I moved my homepage

Detritus from Past Ages - Relics from past incarnations of my page, now static but preserved for archival and sentimental reasons. Possibly sporadically updated.

Timothy's Homepage - Traces its roots back to a page Yucheng and I wrote in 1997 in "tribute" of Timothy

YC's Gah + Crap Place - The lighter side of being YuCheng, Lin (sic)

Gamebooks - A fad of the 80s I am still rather fond of. Unfortunately, with my waning interest, I have not the energy to continue constant updates. Some interesting material nonetheless.

Old Guestbook from Geocities, Old Guestbook from Guestpage (sans entries from Mid-November 2002 to February 2003, October 2003 to November 2003, 20th January 2004-whenever guestpage.com disappeared)

Why People Think My Chemistry Teacher is Gay - This page was put up in my attempt to understand why many people labelled him that. Unfortunately, people misunderstood my intentions. Anyhow, his sexual orientation makes no difference to me, for I still like him :)

Observations - Where I inflicted short rants on my audience before Balderdash came into being

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